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You can choose from Classic or Volume looks. The Lash Artist will help you decide on the right look for you. Our goal is to make your lashes stand out while maintaining the health and integrity of your natural lashes. To do this we must select the appropriate length and thickness of the extension. During your consultation we will discuss the best options for you and guide you to a look that will be best for you and your lashes!

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Classic Look

Classic is one extension per lash and offers and enhanced mascara look. Great for first timers, results vary depending on length and strength of natural lashes as well as how many natural lashes are able to have extensions added.

​Full set can take up to 2 hours

Touch-ups can take up to 60 minutes

Volume Eyelashes.jpg

Volume Look

Volume is multiple extensions per one natural lash, each volume extension is placed onto a single natural lash. Can add fullness and disguise gaps can be tailored from natural to dramatic depending on the desired look and health of the natural lash.

Full set can take up to 3 hours

Touch-ups can take up to 90 minutes