Hannah is one of our amazing Aestheticians! She has a passion for faces! Hannah started her career 10 years ago as a makeup artist. She has always said that makeup will only look as good as the skin will allow. She knew she would have to go further down the rabbit hole of beauty to truly help her clients. This led her to go to esthetic school where her eye for symmetry, steady hand, and knowledge of the complexities of the skin has helped her career tremendously.

Hannah specializes in treating hyperpigmentation, sensitive skin, and age-defying treatment. She considers acne to be sensitive and approaches treatments for it as such.

A note from Hannah:

"We should treat our skin as if we were only handed one shirt to wear our entire life. Would you tumble dry it everyday? Or would you treat it gently in the hope that it will last longer? I believe in the power of both natural, and science-backed procedures and products, intelligently placed. Let me take care of you and your skin!"