While a lot of people view getting regular facials as an indulgence, others know that professional facial treatments are lot more than a relaxation experience. As the saying goes, if you know, you know.

Regular facials are quite pampering, but they are also a great way to deep cleanse, spot treat, fight aging and otherwise support your at-home skin care routine.

But who has time for regular spa visits these...


Whether the goal is to look and feel younger or treat conditions like acne, eczema or melasma, you want the dollars you spend on skin care products to count.

But often, we end up buying so many different creams, oils, patches and serums in search of something that actually works, that a small fortune’s been spent on ineffective products that do little more than crowd cabinets and counters.

Medical grade skin care products are...

KA Massage Gun vs Massage.png

In the world of therapeutic fitness tools, massage guns are creating a lot of buzz for their claims to relieve tension and soreness and help you relax. Athletes of all levels, as well as people who are just on their feet all day, are checking them out as a way to soothe tired muscles after a workout or a long day on the job.

And they can be effective. These handheld percussive devices vibrate at a predetermined frequency in varying...


The popularity of derma rollers, also called facial rollers, has increased dramatically in recent years due to their claims to be as effective as a professional microneedling facial at reducing fine lines, acne scars, hyperpigmentation, and other skin texture issues.

DIY beauty devices like facial rollers are appealing to some because they are often cheaper and more convenient than going to see your aesthetician.

But do their...

Finally QWO! An FDA Approved Cellulite Solution.jpeg

Cellulite affects up to 90% of all women — even some who are naturally thin or considered fit. But even though it’s common (and normal) to have it, the dimpling effect of cellulite on buttocks, thighs and abdominal areas is frequently what keeps us from feeling swimsuit ready and excited about heading into shorts season.

Cellulite is such a universal struggle there’s a whole segment of the beauty industry dedicated to reducing its...


While we all know the visible signs of aging are inevitable at some point, there’s nothing wrong with wanting to delay them as long as possible. The good news is there are actually a variety of non-invasive ways to do just that.

As the largest organ of the body, the skin is designed to protect our internal organs from things like bacteria, environmental damage and extreme temperatures. However, the skin requires some protection of its...


Each New Year, there are always a few things from the previous one that we’d like to leave behind — poor diet and lifestyle habits, unhealthy relationships, or a less-than-satisfying work situation, just to name a few. But what about those increasingly noticeable fine lines and wrinkles popping up around your eyes and mouth? Good news! You can say goodbye to those as well!

While fine lines and wrinkles are a natural byproduct of aging,...


Even if you normally get good results from your beauty routine, you may find it lacking during the winter months. While you still need to wash, moisturize and treat your skin, some products and practices may need to change to avoid skincare-related winter weather woes.

Colder temperatures and blustery winds don’t necessarily mean you’re stuck with drier, tighter skin, redness, itching and flaking. Below are some tips to help you...


Increasingly, women and men around the world are turning to dermal facial fillers as a minimally invasive way to add volume to the face, dramatically reducing the signs of aging or addressing areas of concern. But in spite of the popularity and safety of these treatments, many still have a high fear factor when it comes to cosmetic injectables.

Likely due to myths and misinformation circulated on social media, photos of overdone...


Good skincare is essential not only for achieving and maintaining a healthy, glowing complexion now but for ensuring you put your best fast forward as you age. But perfecting your personal beauty routine can seem overwhelming. There are so many products to choose from!

Proper skincare doesn’t have to be complicated to be effective. In fact, it comes down to three basic principles: cleansing, treating, and...


Even skincare newbies tend to know the importance of using a good moisturizer because the difference in hydrated vs. tight, dry skin is so easy to see and feel. When your face is moisturized, the appearance and texture is not only softer and smoother, fine lines and wrinkles are plumped and less noticeable. Beauty bonus: makeup glides on much more easily to hydrated skin.

But a question we often get is whether or not it is necessary to...


It goes without saying that your body experiences a lot of changes during pregnancy, but let’s say it anyway! Some things are stretched, others are swollen. Your center of gravity shifts, you’re carrying added weight, and your hormones go more than a little crazy. While all of this is totally normal, it can result in both mental and physical stress for expectant mothers.

Prenatal massage can relieve many of the aches and pains...