Many people think about getting injectables long before they actually do. Whether it’s a fear of needles, side effects, or looking too “different,” they wait around, unhappy with their appearance, not realizing that aesthetic practitioners are eager and available for a consultation appointment to answer any and all questions regarding these safe cosmetic procedures. Here are some of the most commons we get.



If you’re experiencing acne-type bumps around your mouth, chin, and nose area where you’ve never had a problem before, you’re not alone. In fact, there’s a name for it: Maskne. This Covid complexion casualty comes from wearing a face covering for extended periods of time, and while masking up may be necessary while the virus rages, it’s hard to mask our frustration with the cosmetic consequences.

Maskne is actually not a new term at...


While massage has long been recognized as a great way to pamper yourself after a tough work week or when spending luxury time alone or with friends, many now embrace it as an essential part of an ongoing wellness routine. That’s because massage therapy not only feels amazing, it offers many therapeutic benefits that last long after you leave the table.

Stress Relief

The hands-on muscle...


Did you know that some 50 million American adults struggle with some form of chronic pain? If you’re one of them, you should know that regular massage therapy sessions can help you manage many kinds of chronic pain without the need for drugs or surgery. Let’s look at how this form of manual healing can enhance your quality of life.

Nagging injuries may leave you with chronic pain issues. In some cases, acute injuries heal incorrectly,...


Many of us would like to get rid of troublesome areas of fat accumulation that just don’t seem to respond to traditional strategies such as diet and exercise. If you have this annoying problem, you may be delighted to learn that Kalologie 360 Spa in Austin offers two surgery-free alternatives, Emsculpt and CoolSculpting. But what’s the difference between these two approaches, and which one should you choose? Here’s a quick comparison to clear...


If you’ve lived in Austin for any length of time, you’ve gotten to know the sun all too well. The same glowing ball that permits warm, bright, cheerful outdoor fun can also cause some serious skin problems, from premature aging and painful sunburns, to deadly cancer. So you probably wouldn’t think of heading off to the beach or going for a jog without first applying sunscreen. Unfortunately, you can’t grab just any product from the...


When you buy a skin care product at the supermarket or corner drug store, are you really getting what you want and need? These products can vary widely, both in their active ingredients and in the concentrations and effectiveness of those active ingredients. Let’s examine some of the differences that you need to understand in your quest for better skin.

Cheap, generic skin care products tend to offer little more than a nice scent, a...


Wonderful though modern smart phones are, they certainly have their drawbacks as well. Aside from promoting time-wasting and distraction, the biggest issue is probably ergonomic. Today, it's common for a person to spends hours each day using their cell phone. Typically, these folks crane their necks forward over their phone during these hours.

This posture leads directly to the condition commonly called 'text neck.' It's natural for the...


Excellent skin does not come easy! While facials and cosmetic products add good value in slowing down the aging process, your diet plays a big role, too. It is important to continue maintaining a diet that fits your overall skin care goals. With these reasons in mind, here are ways to adjust your diet to help it promote healthy skin.

Choose Healthy Nuts, Seeds, and Avocado Snacks

Some of the healthiest fats are...