5 Skincare Do's & Don'ts

Many of us would like to improve the appearance of our skin. A beautiful complexion rarely goes unnoticed and while it is something to strive for, beautiful and healthy skin can be difficult to get. One of the things that can help improve your skin the most is education. Listed below are 5 skincare tips that will help you understand how your skin works and how to best take care of it.

Do: Wash your Face At Least Once A Day

Washing your face every day is one of the most simple and effective skincare tips to follow. Throughout the day, the skin collects dirt, oil, and irritants that can cause damage and negatively impact the skin if left untreated. In the evening, it is always best to remove the dirt, makeup, and oil that can continuously build up throughout the day. Washing your face once a day is an integral skincare tip because oftentimes not cleansing the skin will lead to a rise in clogged pores, duller complexions, and potentially more breakouts. It is most convenient and effective to cleanse the skin before bedtime so you can go to bed with clean skin and wake up with a fresh, rejuvenated face.

Don’t: Over-cleanse Your Skin

However, be careful not to over-cleanse your skin. Many people wash their face multiple times a day this can also dry it out and cause pores to clog. The best skincare tip is to wash your face twice a day. Once in the morning and once at night. If a busy schedule only allows the time for once a day, then it is suggested to do so before bedtime. Why wash the face in the morning when it was cleaned the night before? Well, if the hair was not washed the night before as well; all that dirt and pollution is still present in the hair. After sleeping all night that dirt has been transferred back into the face. So, a quick wash will help keep the skin bacteria-free. However, if the skin tends to be dry then upon waking in the morning, splash some water on the face, add a moisturizer, and the face is prepped for the morning makeup routine. (Don’t forget to change your pillowcase every 2-3 days) If skin becomes particularly dirty throughout the day, like after a workout, it is recommended a mild toner be used. Applying a toner to the skin instead of cleansing multiple times a day will save your face from being over-washed and becoming dry. It will also help remove irritants like dirt or sweat that collect on the skin throughout the day.

Do: Exfoliate

Exfoliating the skin is an important skincare tip to remember. As we age the rate of cell turnover begins to slow down. It is good to begin exfoliating 3 times a week in your 20’s, and increase every 5-10 years, depending on the strength of your exfoliant. It is always wise to consult your esthetician about which exfoliant to use, and how often to use it. By exfoliating you help the dead skin cells shed while also aiding and accelerating skin cell turn over.

Don’t: Ignore Acidic Exfoliants

Nine out of ten dermatology patients assume they are exfoliating their skin enough, when in fact the opposite is true. A good skincare tip to keep in mind is to invest in an acidic exfoliant. While most people will physically exfoliate their skin semi-regularly using a washcloth or a face cleanser in the shower, the action does not do much below the surface of the skin. However, acidic exfoliants work on top of the skin and also penetrate underneath the skin to create long-lasting, positive change. Instead of sluffing off the dead skin cell with a physical exfoliant, acidic exfoliants are topical treatments that are applied directly to the face. Remembering to apply a topical acidic exfoliant like salicylic acid or a glycolic acid toner is a great skincare tip to remember. These exfoliants help keep skin bright and supple while also helping to assist cell turnover.

Do: Apply Sunscreen Properly

Most people know that applying sunscreen to the face is necessary during the summer months. However, many people do not realize that the sun has the ability to harm skin all year long. Because of this, applying sunscreen properly and frequently is an excellent skincare tip to remember and abide by. For sunscreen to be effective, it must be applied to the face every hour and a half. While this may seem difficult, sunscreen technology has quickly evolved and is now available so you can apply it easily throughout the day to keep skin protected.