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Emsculpt: The Ultimate Muscle Sculpting Tool

Immediately following the holiday season everyone seems to make a new commitment to getting more fit. Whether you want to kick-start your motivation to begin a new exercise program, or you want to level up an already fit physique with more sculpting and definition, Emsculpt is the answer.

More than a fat-burning tool, Emsculpt uses cutting-edge technology to also build and tone muscles in specific areas of the body.

FDA-approved for use in the abdominals, glutes, arms, thighs, and calves, Emsculpt uses electromagnetic energy to rapidly contract the muscles in your desired area. This energy simulates the contractions of actual exercise in a way that equals 20,000 crunches or squats in a 30-minute period but in a much more efficient way.

Voluntary muscle engagement during exercise averages 30%, which is why seeing results can seem to take so long. Emsculpt energy goes deep into muscle fibers to engage the whole muscle group with a series of supramaximal contractions. It is equivalent to the most intense workout session you can imagine, but with very little post-exercise soreness.

That’s because the Emsculpt program incorporates a tapping mode that pushes out the lactic acid that typically accumulates during a workout.

And the results go way beyond cosmetic. Patients report not only feeling stronger but having improved mood and self-confidence from the endorphin rush that follows intense exercise. These physical and mental results are often immediate, with visible results noticeable within 3 to 4 weeks following the recommended series of four treatments.

Patients can experience a 25% increase in muscle mass, and a 30% loss in body fat, depending on the BMI and fitness level at the start.

The bonus is, once the process has begun, you can experience continual fat loss and muscle building for up to six months following your final session.

Because Emsculpt goes beyond the aesthetic to actually build new muscle, there are health benefits as well. Muscle mass naturally declines as we age, leading to loss of strength and stability in the core and other muscles. Using Emsculpt on the abdominals and glutes, for example, can build core strength that improves balance and relieves lower back pain. Using Emsculpt after injury to the hamstring or quad can assist in muscle repair and strength building.

This non-invasive muscle-sculpting tool is a great alternative to more drastic surgical procedures like tummy tucks and butt lifts. However, if you have had one of these surgeries or plan to, Emsculpt is a highly beneficial adjunct treatment to help define and strengthen your newly shaped muscle groups.

If you would like to feel mentally and physically stronger to begin a workout program (or in lieu of,) or if you want to further sculpt and tone muscles you have already been building, contact Kalologie MedSpa Austin to learn more about Emsculpt treatment plans.