Emsculpt vs. CoolSculpting: What’s The Difference Between the Two?

Many of us would like to get rid of troublesome areas of fat accumulation that just don’t seem to respond to traditional strategies such as diet and exercise. If you have this annoying problem, you may be delighted to learn that Kalologie 360 Spa in Austin offers two surgery-free alternatives, Emsculpt and CoolSculpting. But what’s the difference between these two approaches, and which one should you choose? Here’s a quick comparison to clear things up for you.


Emsculpt is a relatively new breakthrough in targeted body sculpting technology. In this form of treatment, we apply high-intensity focused electro-magnetic (HIFEM) energy to the areas you wish to reduce. This energy triggers muscle contractions similar to the contractions your muscles would experience in an intense set of sit-ups or squats at the gym.

One great attraction of Emsculpt involves its ability to tone muscle and burn fat at the same time. You’ll feel as if you’ve experienced a serious workout following a 30-minute session, but you can get right back to your daily activities without post-sessions pain or downtime.


Like Emsculpt, CoolSculpting can rid your body of unwanted pockets of fat without surgery or post-treatment downtime. Unlike its newer counterpart, however, FDA-approved CoolSculpting uses cold instead of electromagnetic energy to achieve its results. A specialized pad delivers intense cold to the treatment site, freezing the fat cells in your tissues (an effect called cryolipolysis). The frozen fat cells die off, with the body eventually absorbing them.

CoolSculpting doesn’t tone muscles; it simply eliminates fat. If you already have good muscle tone, this kind of treatment may be all you need. Treatment sessions take as little as 30 minutes and require no pre-treatment or post-treatment care. Both types of treatment deliver optimal results over the course of weeks or months.

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