Facials to Consider Getting Before Starting Accutane

Many people struggle with acne and are considering getting on Accutane. While using Accutane as a skin treatment is often an effective way to cure severe cystic acne, it also comes with a host of potentially dangerous side effects. Many people refrain from taking Accutane because of these side effects and are willing to try alternate treatments in hopes of treating acne. Listed below are four facial treatments that are worth considering before beginning Accutane.

1. Retinol topical/Vitamin A: Retinol and Vitamin A are helpful topicals to apply to the skin and assist in treating acne. Before resorting to Accutane, try a retinol, retinoid acid cream or serum, or even prescription Tretinoin. Retinols and retinol derivatives come in many forms including toners, gels, creams and ointments assist the skin in getting rid of dead skin cells. Retinols also help to boost the production of new skin cells and help control oil regulations. As new cells generate, they push the old dead cells out along with bacteria that block pores and contribute to breakouts and problematic skin issues.

2. HydraFacial: The HydraFacial is a treatment worth considering before Accutane because of the immediate and long-term benefits that it brings to the skin. The automated vortex used during treatment thoroughly cleanses the pores by using technology that cleanses, extracts, and also hydrates the skin. The HydraFacial deeply flushes out bacteria in the skin deeply while vacuuming out pores. The wand suctions debris and bacteria while replenishing the skin with different benefical acids, peptides, and antioxidants. HydraFacials show results within thirty minutes, while also providing long term benefits to the skin. It is also a customizable treatment and may be a helpful option to explore before considering Accutane.

3. Chemical peels: Chemical peels take place when a licensed dermatologists, medical professional, or aestheticians administer a chemical solution to the skin. As the skin absorbs the chemical, it will speed up the cell turnover, and shed dead skin cells. After the top layer of skin cells shed, it reveals newer, brighter, and healthier tone and texture. Chemical peels are effective in reducing signs of aging on the face along with having positive effects on acne, discoloration, dull complexion, and sun-damaged skin. Chemical peels have the capacity to reach deep, cystic acne that cannot be reached otherwise. Chemical peels are a good step to consider taking before beginning treatment with Accutane.

4. Detox Add-ons at Kalologie: At Kalologie Med Spa in Austin, Texas, there are many upgrades that clients can add on to any service that benefit acneic clients, including our Clarifying facial and Detox treatment. Clarifying facials can be beneficial to the skin before using Accutane because they assist troubled, acne-prone skin in healing from breakouts/congestions. Our clarifying facial is anti-inflammatory, and can help with post-acne red or brown marks, and can also calm down inflamed, acne-prone skin. Our detox treatment can be added if your skin needs extra exfoliation. This is perfect for the oily, congestive skin-types including men.