How Massage Can Help With Chronic Pain

Chronic pain, that lasting 12 weeks or longer, is a prevalent and potentially debilitating medical issue with which many Americans live. Regardless of whether the pain is the byproduct of injury or long-term illness, the condition can feel arduous and defeating. If left untreated, chronic pain may eventually lead to increased stress levels, heightened anxiety, and depression, and as well as difficulty in accomplishing day-to-day activities.

Many find relief through lifestyle changes and regular massage therapy. Through the implementation of regular massages, those suffering from chronic pain can experience reduced muscle tension, increased relaxation, and even improvement in range of motion that can manage the presence of chronic pain.

Decrease Muscle Tension

Tight muscles can be a symptom of, and even a reason for, chronic pain. With regular and frequent massages, tension in the muscles will begin to decrease. This will eventually help to lower pain levels. The pressure applied to the body during massage increases muscle temperature, encouraging better blood flow to the troubled area. As blood flow increases, muscles will loosen and hopefully a decrease in pain will follow.

Increased Relaxation

Physical and mental stress is another natural consequence for someone experiencing chronic pain. As pain pulses through the body for extended periods of time, muscles tighten, and stress levels can increase. While this response to chronic pain is natural, it is also a factor that can contribute to exacerbated levels of mental discomfort and physical pain. Thankfully, it is possible that chronic pain can be reduced or managed with the help of regular massages. Instead of allowing the body and mind to continue to become more tense and stressed due to long term pain, a regular massage can help promote feelings of relaxation and ease throughout the body. As the body begins to relax, the mind will often follow suit so that higher amounts of relaxation can be achieved both physically and mentally.

Improved Range of Movement

Limited range of motion is a frequent consequence of chronic pain, either because the movement hurts, or muscles have become frozen in place from lack of use. Regular massages may be able to help improve a person’s range of movement by decreasing tightness stored up in a muscle and improving tissue elasticity. This is accomplished by the tension and pressure that is created between the fingers and the skin while getting a massage. As tissues become more elastic, a muscle or body part is able to move with less restriction and more freedom. While loosening a tense muscle may feel uncomfortable, the long-term benefits of movement and potential pain relief far outweigh the discomfort.

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