How Regular Massage Can Help With Chronic Pain

Did you know that some 50 million American adults struggle with some form of chronic pain? If you’re one of them, you should know that regular massage therapy sessions can help you manage many kinds of chronic pain without the need for drugs or surgery. Let’s look at how this form of manual healing can enhance your quality of life.

Nagging injuries may leave you with chronic pain issues. In some cases, acute injuries heal incorrectly, causing scar tissue can build up and inhibit comfortable muscle movement. In others, constant overuse of a body part creates constant inflammation. Deep tissue massage can help to free trapped muscles and reduce inflammation in tissues.

Chronic muscular tension and stress often means chronic pain. Tight muscles can go into spasm and turn into trigger points, hard knots that refer pain signals to your head, arms, or legs. Swedish massage and hot stone massage have a relaxing effect on muscles, loosening them up and easing pain naturally.

Joint problems such as arthritis are notorious for causing chronic pain. Massage can help reduce swelling, ease the muscular tension triggered by joint pain, and alleviate stiffness so that the joints can operate more smoothly.

Pregnancy causes some notable aches and pains of its own as you gain weight and your musculoskeletal system undergoes changes. Pregnancy massage is a specialized, very gentle procedure that helps you combat common prenatal symptoms such as headaches, neck pain, low back pain, and swelling of the legs and feet.

Sports can push athletes’ bodies to the very limit of strength, agility, and endurance. Intense workouts and competitions can create constant or recurring soreness and soft tissue pain. Sport massage can address those specific issues while also preparing your body for optimal performance.

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