HydraFacial: Three Steps To Better Skin

While a lot of people view getting regular facials as an indulgence, others know that professional facial treatments are lot more than a relaxation experience. As the saying goes, if you know, you know.

Regular facials are quite pampering, but they are also a great way to deep cleanse, spot treat, fight aging and otherwise support your at-home skin care routine.

But who has time for regular spa visits these days?

Enter the HydraFacial, the facial treatment that allows you to get all the results of a typical hour-long facial in nearly half the time. As the creators claim, it’s three steps and 30 minutes to the best skin of your life.

The HydraFacial uses patented technology to deep cleanse the skin, extract impurities and hydrate the face with super serums personalized to your individual skin care needs. The three-step process involves a skin surface exfoliation device similar to a microdermabrasion tool, but gentler on the skin, and designed to give you instant results: plump, glowing, and refreshed skin.

And even though it is generally a quick 30-45 minute treatment, it not only leaves you immediately clean and refreshed, it gives you results over time by encouraging constant cell turnover.

It has become a go-to for celebrities before a red-carpet appearance and working professionals trying to fit in a lunchtime makeover. In fact, it is so popular there is a Hydrafacial performed every 15 minutes because it’s a fast and effective way to better skin, with no downtime.

The aestheticians at Kalologie MedSpa Austin are skilled at this medical results-driven skin care treatment. If you are interested in the plentiful and instant benefits of a HydraFacial, contact us today. You are three steps away from healthier, more beautiful skin.