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Laser Hair Removal In Time for Summer: The Time is NOW!

Temperatures are warming up, and soon it’ll be time to break out the summer wardrobes. That’s the good news. The bad news is, our no-shave days are over.

Sleeveless tops, shorts and swimsuits naturally reveal more skin than their bulky, winter counterparts, so everything we’ve been hiding will now be visible for all to see.

This summer, instead of regular shaving sessions or trips to the waxing salon, take care of unwanted hair for good with professional laser hair removal.

As one of today’s most popular aesthetic services among both men and women, laser hair removal has many advantages over plucking, tweezing, waxing, threading and shaving.

It Takes Less Time than you Think

Laser hair removal is a non-invasive procedure that only takes minutes to perform depending on the size of the area being treated (think upper lip or chin vs. the whole back.) While it does require multiple sessions to ensure a complete job, that’s much less time than a lifetime of grooming other ways.

It Could End up Saving You Money

Laser hair removal is not free. After all, it requires a skilled and licensed technician to do it properly. But the cost of waxing treatments are only getting higher, and when compared to buying razor blades and shaving creams forever, laser hair removal actually a great deal.

Less Skin Irritation

When you stop shaving and waxing (or using stinky hair removal creams,) you can kiss razor burn, ingrown hairs, burning and redness goodbye. You can even schedule laser hair removal over your lunch break since there is no downtime after treatment.

You Can Safely Access Hard-to-Reach Places

It can be difficult — and dangerous — to reach parts of your back and certain other out-of-sight places. It can also be a little awkward to repeatedly have someone else do it. Your Kalologie laser hair removal technician will provide a safe, dignified environment to get the job done forever in as few sessions as possible.

No Need to Allow for Regrowth

Unlike traditional hair removal techniques, laser hair removal doesn’t require any awkward regrowth between sessions.

It’s a Precision Treatment

Laser and pulse light technology has the ability to treat hundreds of hair follicles at the same time, while also offering precision hair removal in the smallest of areas. This can be especially helpful when you have just a few stray hairs near the eyebrows, nose, lip, and bikini line, among other places.

Provides a Smoother Surface for Skin Care

Smooth, glowing skin is often not only more attractive, but sunscreens, chemical exfoliants and lotions glide more easily over a truly hair-free surface.

Long Term Results

Most people see extremely long-lasting, often permanent, results with laser hair removal, and everyone sees a dramatic reduction in hair growth.

The success of any laser hair removal treatment is very much dependent on operator, hair color, and the quality of the laser. Make sure to select a skilled technician who knows how to properly operate the device to the best of its potential, adjusting it for the patient’s skin tone and type and capturing all growth phases of each individual hair in the area being treated.

Since hair removal lasers target the melanin in the hair follicle, the best time to have it performed is when the skin is lightest and hair is darkest — before the sun is allowed to darken skin and lighten hair. That means right now is the perfect time to rid your body of unwanted hair in time for swimsuit and shorts season.

Kalologie MedSpa Austin has experienced, licensed technicians who utilize advanced laser hair-removal technology to achieve beautiful, long-lasting results. Contact us today!