Medical Grade Skin Care VS. OTC: Is There a Difference?

Whether the goal is to look and feel younger or treat conditions like acne, eczema or melasma, you want the dollars you spend on skin care products to count.

But often, we end up buying so many different creams, oils, patches and serums in search of something that actually works, that a small fortune’s been spent on ineffective products that do little more than crowd cabinets and counters.

Medical grade skin care products are different. Quality of ingredients and using the right product for individual skin care concerns is vital to achieving the desired results.

Sure, it’s possible to find some beneficial products to pad your beauty routine at over-the-counter locations, but they are usually no match for medical grade solutions.

Unlike OTC products formulated for the masses, medical grade products can be individualized not only by ingredient, but by concentration and form to ensure the appropriate strength and delivery method.

The purer quality ingredients of medical grade products offer concentrations not available over the counter, and ensure the active agents reach deeper layers of the skin where real change takes place. OTC products may feel good on the skin (and smell great too,) but they are generally only surface-level treatments, meaning they don’t penetrate the skin to offer lasting results.

Medical grade products must be prescribed by a medical professional, so they are strictly regulated and backed by research that proves they can do what they claim to do.

Contrary to popular assumption, medical grade products aren’t necessarily more expensive than the OTC versions. A cream or gel that works will cost less than five products in a trial-and-error experiment every time. Plus, higher active ingredients in prescription products mean you use less with each application, so the product goes further.

Bonus: There are no expensive commercial marketing costs built into the price!

At Kalologie MedSpa Austin we thoughtfully and carefully select the medical grade skincare lines we carry to ensure we offer a broad range of effective products to meet every skincare need.

If your beauty routine is not giving you the results you want, come see us for a comprehensive skin analysis. We can discuss our medical grade skin care product offerings and determine if any of them might work better for you either instead of or in addition to what you’re currently using.

We want you to love your skin.