Preventative Botox: What It Is & Why You Should Consider It

Many people begin to consider Botox when the lines and wrinkles on their face begin to make them appear tired, angry, or older than they feel. Botox and other injectable neuromodulators are so effective at improving the appearance of facial lines that they are by far the most popular cosmetic treatment worldwide.

But what many do not realize is that the best time to start Botox is actually before the wrinkles set in. Once deep lines form on your face and are noticeable at rest, it is sometimes too late for Botox to have the dramatic effect that is possible at earlier stages, and you may need fillers to plump up those areas. Botox at younger ages can be a preventable measure to keep many wrinkles and lines from ever forming.

How do I know if preventative Botox is for me?

Do you furrow your brow when you are concentrating or feel like you always look angry? Do you carry a lot of tension in your chin and jaw? Do you frequently drink from a straw or squint in the sun?

Over time, all these very normal facial movements, along with our everyday expressions of joy, sadness, worry, and shock, contribute to lines forming around the mouth, forehead, and eyes in the form of crow’s feet, marionette (frown) lines, a pin-cushion chin, and the dreaded “11s”, among other things. As we age, and skin loses elasticity, it is less able to bounce back from expression, meaning lines become deeper and more permanent. By relaxing the stronger underlying muscles associated with dramatic facial movements, muscles can be retrained to react in a more face-friendly way preventing the formation of many would-be wrinkles.

During consultation, a member of the medical staff at Kalologie Medspa Austin will analyze the early signs of line and wrinkle formation on your face and tell you where preventative Botox could be most beneficial. When addressed early, specifically placed injections in at-risk areas can greatly reduce the odds of developing permanent wrinkles.

While many people put off Botox for “later” out of fear of losing facial expression, the goal with Botox is to remove the wrinkles, not the expression, no matter your age. If you’ve seen someone with a “frozen face,” they have either gotten too much Botox, possibly from an unqualified practitioner or had other work done that contributes to the loss of expression. Preventative Botox is strictly aimed at reducing or eliminating wrinkle formation.

When Do I Start?

When to start preventative Botox, as well as how often you need a touch-up, is highly individual to the client. Some people simply start forming wrinkles earlier than others due to genetics, lifestyle habits, exaggerated facial expressions, and the environment in which they live. Younger and younger clients, some in their early 20's, are looking into preventative Botox to maintain their pleasant, youthful look.

We are always happy to consult with clients established and new, young and mature, about all aspects of skin care, including skin type-specific products and care techniques, anti-aging therapies, and preventative Botox. Contact Kalologie Austin for a consultation today.