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What Is A Medical Aesthetician & Who Needs One?

A professional facial can be both relaxing and beneficial to the health of your skin. The deep cleansing potential and targeted serums and treatments offered by having regular facials can help slough off dead skins cells, encourage more rapid turnover of new ones, and spot treat areas of concern, which can all reduce the signs of aging, soothe irritated skin and lead to a glowing, more youthful complexion.

For optimal results, a good aesthetician will thoroughly analyze a client’s skin, so they can tailor a treatment approach to address issues like dryness, redness or other irritation, as well as age-related concerns such as fine lines, wrinkles and age spots on otherwise healthy skin.

However, if you have more complex skin health issues, it is better to put your face in the hands of a medical aesthetician.

Unlike a spa aesthetician, a medical aesthetician generally works with a dermatologist in a medical office setting as part of a team addressing more advanced skin care concerns. They go beyond surface level treatments to include more intensive chemical peels, exfoliants, laser therapies and other approaches for patients with more complex skincare needs.

Skin issues befitting a medical aesthetician include severe acne (both adolescent and adult,) recurring rashes, melasma, burns and post-surgical skin care, among others.

While both spa and medical aestheticians must be licensed through formal training programs, there are times when a medical aesthetician’s advanced training and more extensive knowledge of nutrition, chemistry and pharmacology as they relate to skin health and healing is vital to achieve the best results for your skin.

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