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Will Lip Filler Work For Me? Your Guide To Lip Shapes

Know Your Lip Shape for Customizable Injections

Just like with hairstyles, people often come in with pictures of “inspiration lips” prior to injection. And we get it! Who doesn’t look at the perfect pouts of certain celebrities or supermodels and want to achieve the same look?

But also like hairstyles, lip injections are not one style — or one shape as the case may be - fits all. Kylie Jenner and Angelina Jolie’s lips, while beautiful in their own way, won’t necessarily look right on your face.

That being said, you may be wondering if lip filler will work for you. Very likely, it will! But it’s extremely important to use a knowledgeable and experienced lip injection specialist who knows how to evaluate your existing lip shape and enhance it to highlight your own natural beauty.

There are a variety of different lip shapes, any of which can be accentuated with filler to better highlight other facial features. Some of them can even be more dramatically modified to change the shape of your mouth. Your natural lip shape may be your most important lip filler guide when seeking to accentuate this part of your face.

The most common lip shapes are:

Thin Lips

Naturally slim upper and lower lips are perhaps the number one reason people seek lip enhancement consultations. This can be because thin lips are more difficult to enhance with cosmetics and super thing lips often completely disappear when smiling.

Full Lips

The opposite of thin lips, full lips generally feature an upper and lower lip that are naturally fairly balanced and voluminous. Depending on the width of the face, even full lips can be enhanced to better fill facial proportions.

Top Heavy or Bottom Heavy Lips

When one of the lips is noticeably more voluminous than the other, the fuller lip may appear heavy. In some cases, this is desirable, but in other cases, patients seek to plump the thinner lip.

Bow-Shaped Lips

Full lips with a prominent cupid’s bow are often called bow shaped, because the dramatic dip in the top lip accentuates its bow shape.

Heart-Shaped Lips

Heart-shaped lips also feature a prominent cupid’s bow, along with a center of volume in the bottom lip.

Downturned Lips

Some lips naturally turn down at the corners giving the unfortunate impression of a frown.

Disproportionate Lips

Some lip shapes are simply not proportionate to the size of the face and/or its other features. Lips that are too narrow and compact for the face appear round, while wide lips often create a smile that spans the visage. In other cases, one side of the mouth may turn up — or fall in — more than the other.

While beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and lips can be flattering in any shape, conventional beauty standards seem to favor more symmetrical facial features.

Whether you are seeking to enhance or even out your existing lip line or replace volume lost due to aging, it is possible to do this in a beautiful, natural-looking way. The key is to work with an experienced lip injection professional who knows how to properly assess the overall shape of your face, as well as your lips, and formulate a plan to highlight both.

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