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Know Your Lip Shape for Customizable Injections

Just like with hairstyles, people often come in with pictures of “inspiration lips” prior to injection. And we get it! Who doesn’t look at the perfect pouts of certain celebrities or supermodels and want to achieve the same look?

But also like hairstyles, lip injections are not one style — or one shape as the case may be - fits all. Kylie Jenner and Angelina...

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Even if your acne breakout battles are basically over, you may still be dealing with the unpleasant scarring your pimple-popping days left behind. The severity and appearance of those scars can vary based on a variety of things including the type of acne you experienced, your approach to treating it, and even a genetic predisposition to keloids and scarring.

Until recently, acne scars that didn’t fade on their own over time were just...

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Everyone wants healthy, radiant skin throughout the year, but perhaps never more so than during the hot, humid months of summer when layers of makeup and concealer seem particularly weighty and unappealing.

While everyone’s skin is different, there are several steps you can include in your skin care routine to help you achieve a more flawless complexion.

Cleanse Regularly

Perhaps nothing is as important when...

How Sunscreen Works & The Benefit Of Wearing It!.jpeg

With increased awareness surrounding the consequences of excessive sun exposure, more people are recognizing the benefits of sunscreen and working to incorporate it into their regular skin care routines. Failing to protect your skin from undue amounts of UV radiation can cause early, more rapid signs of aging and skin damage that can lead to skin cancer.

With or without makeup, sunscreen is a vital part of caring for your...

Laser Hair Removal for Men.jpeg

Whether you’re a head-to-toe body groomer, or just like to rid yourself of unwanted hair in certain places, manscaping practices tend to amp up this time of year. Warmer temps and more revealing clothing provides urgent motivation to thin out excess body hair or remove it entirely, but the process can be tedious!

Shaving and waxing are time-consuming and costly and can leave your skin with collateral damage like razor burn, ingrown...

Laser Hair Removal In Time for Summer: The Time is NOW!.jpeg

Temperatures are warming up, and soon it’ll be time to break out the summer wardrobes. That’s the good news. The bad news is, our no-shave days are over.

Sleeveless tops, shorts and swimsuits naturally reveal more skin than their bulky, winter counterparts, so everything we’ve been hiding will now be visible for all to see.

This summer, instead of regular shaving sessions or trips to the waxing salon, take care of unwanted hair...


Chemical peels are a proven way to improve the appearance and texture of skin of all ages. A carefully combined formula of rejuvenating acids exfoliate the superficial layers of the skin, while also stimulating the rapid growth of new skin cells to provide immediate and lasting results.

Chemical peels can effectively address everything from fine lines, acne and scarring on the face, back, chest and arms, by increasing moisture...

Emsculpt: The Ultimate Muscle Sculpting Tool .jpeg

Immediately following the holiday season everyone seems to make a new commitment to getting more fit. Whether you want to kick-start your motivation to begin a new exercise program, or you want to level up an already fit physique with more sculpting and definition, Emsculpt is the answer.

More than a fat-burning tool, Emsculpt uses cutting-edge technology to also build and tone muscles in specific areas of the body....

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Even if you’re dedicated to your skincare routine, you may still find your neck area betrays your efforts at maintaining youthful-looking skin.

The dermal layer on the neck is not only thinner than that of your face and the rest of your body, but it also has less padding underneath it to keep it smooth and plump looking. This makes it more susceptible to sun damage and more prone to the effects of high movement from facial expressions...

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A professional facial can be both relaxing and beneficial to the health of your skin. The deep cleansing potential and targeted serums and treatments offered by having regular facials can help slough off dead skins cells, encourage more rapid turnover of new ones, and spot treat areas of concern, which can all reduce the signs of aging, soothe irritated skin and lead to a glowing, more youthful complexion.

For optimal results, a good...

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Botox is best known for being able to reduce the appearance of facial lines and wrinkles associated with aging. While wrinkles form for a variety of reasons, Botox targets those resulting from repeated and exaggerated facial expressions like frowning, laughing, and squinting. The most common issues we address are the “11’s” creases between the brows, “bunny” scrunch lines on the sides of...


While a lot of people view getting regular facials as an indulgence, others know that professional facial treatments are lot more than a relaxation experience. As the saying goes, if you know, you know.

Regular facials are quite pampering, but they are also a great way to deep cleanse, spot treat, fight aging and otherwise support your at-home skin care routine.

But who has time for regular spa visits these...


Whether the goal is to look and feel younger or treat conditions like acne, eczema or melasma, you want the dollars you spend on skin care products to count.

But often, we end up buying so many different creams, oils, patches and serums in search of something that actually works, that a small fortune’s been spent on ineffective products that do little more than crowd cabinets and counters.

Medical grade skin care products are...

KA Massage Gun vs Massage.png

In the world of therapeutic fitness tools, massage guns are creating a lot of buzz for their claims to relieve tension and soreness and help you relax. Athletes of all levels, as well as people who are just on their feet all day, are checking them out as a way to soothe tired muscles after a workout or a long day on the job.

And they can be effective. These handheld percussive devices vibrate at a predetermined frequency in varying...


The popularity of derma rollers, also called facial rollers, has increased dramatically in recent years due to their claims to be as effective as a professional microneedling facial at reducing fine lines, acne scars, hyperpigmentation, and other skin texture issues.

DIY beauty devices like facial rollers are appealing to some because they are often cheaper and more convenient than going to see your aesthetician.

But do their...

Finally QWO! An FDA Approved Cellulite Solution.jpeg

Cellulite affects up to 90% of all women — even some who are naturally thin or considered fit. But even though it’s common (and normal) to have it, the dimpling effect of cellulite on buttocks, thighs and abdominal areas is frequently what keeps us from feeling swimsuit ready and excited about heading into shorts season.

Cellulite is such a universal struggle there’s a whole segment of the beauty industry dedicated to reducing its...


While we all know the visible signs of aging are inevitable at some point, there’s nothing wrong with wanting to delay them as long as possible. The good news is there are actually a variety of non-invasive ways to do just that.

As the largest organ of the body, the skin is designed to protect our internal organs from things like bacteria, environmental damage and extreme temperatures. However, the skin requires some protection of its...


Each New Year, there are always a few things from the previous one that we’d like to leave behind — poor diet and lifestyle habits, unhealthy relationships, or a less-than-satisfying work situation, just to name a few. But what about those increasingly noticeable fine lines and wrinkles popping up around your eyes and mouth? Good news! You can say goodbye to those as well!

While fine lines and wrinkles are a natural byproduct of aging,...


Even if you normally get good results from your beauty routine, you may find it lacking during the winter months. While you still need to wash, moisturize and treat your skin, some products and practices may need to change to avoid skincare-related winter weather woes.

Colder temperatures and blustery winds don’t necessarily mean you’re stuck with drier, tighter skin, redness, itching and flaking. Below are some tips to help you...


Increasingly, women and men around the world are turning to dermal facial fillers as a minimally invasive way to add volume to the face, dramatically reducing the signs of aging or addressing areas of concern. But in spite of the popularity and safety of these treatments, many still have a high fear factor when it comes to cosmetic injectables.

Likely due to myths and misinformation circulated on social media, photos of overdone...


Good skincare is essential not only for achieving and maintaining a healthy, glowing complexion now but for ensuring you put your best fast forward as you age. But perfecting your personal beauty routine can seem overwhelming. There are so many products to choose from!

Proper skincare doesn’t have to be complicated to be effective. In fact, it comes down to three basic principles: cleansing, treating, and...


Even skincare newbies tend to know the importance of using a good moisturizer because the difference in hydrated vs. tight, dry skin is so easy to see and feel. When your face is moisturized, the appearance and texture is not only softer and smoother, fine lines and wrinkles are plumped and less noticeable. Beauty bonus: makeup glides on much more easily to hydrated skin.

But a question we often get is whether or not it is necessary to...


It goes without saying that your body experiences a lot of changes during pregnancy, but let’s say it anyway! Some things are stretched, others are swollen. Your center of gravity shifts, you’re carrying added weight, and your hormones go more than a little crazy. While all of this is totally normal, it can result in both mental and physical stress for expectant mothers.

Prenatal massage can relieve many of the aches and pains...


Chemical peels can do amazing things for the appearance and texture of skin. A carefully combined formula of rejuvenating acids in combination with quality skincare products can dramatically soften fine lines and wrinkles, refine pores and texture, reduce hyperpigmentation, minimize acne and scarring, and enhance the overall radiance and brightness of your skin.

But one peel does not fit all. Chemical peels, like most medical cosmetic...


Many people begin to consider Botox when the lines and wrinkles on their face begin to make them appear tired, angry, or older than they feel. Botox and other injectable neuromodulators are so effective at improving the appearance of facial lines that they are by far the most popular cosmetic treatment worldwide.

But what many do not realize is that the best time to start Botox is actually before the wrinkles set in. Once...


Through thick and thin, eyebrows have been a feature of facial fashion for thousands of years. That’s because aside from their biological function to keep sweat and dust out of the eyes, they have an amazing ability to highlight your best features, enhance your expressions and make you look well-groomed and “put together” even when wearing little to no makeup.

But previous over-tweezing, aging, and even genetics can make consistently...


Your evening cleansing ritual is an important part of your skincare routine. Washing your face before bed not only leads to fewer breakouts and less irritated skin, it can help reduce the signs of aging by keeping pore size small, reducing oxidative stress, and allowing for better absorption of your favorite serums and creams.

But if you’ve ever cleansed your face and followed with a toner on a cotton ball, you’ve probably noticed that...


Although the term neuromodulator may sound obscure, it’s actually far more common than you would think. A neuromodulator is a drug that is used in the medical spa industry that helps relax tightened muscles across the body. Neuromodulators are administered into the body by the way of small amounts of a concentrated solution.

A few of the most popular cosmetic neuromodulator treatments that are frequently used are Botox, Xeomin, and...


A neuromodulator is a drug used in the medical spa industry to help relax tightened muscles. This is done by injecting small amounts of the solution into specific muscles. Neuromodulators are used for a myriad of reasons, one of the most prevalent being that neuromodulators help to reduce the appearance of some wrinkles and can temporarily reverse fine lines.

A few of the most popular cosmetic neuromodulator treatments are Botox,...


Chronic pain, that lasting 12 weeks or longer, is a prevalent and potentially debilitating medical issue with which many Americans live. Regardless of whether the pain is the byproduct of injury or long-term illness, the condition can feel arduous and defeating. If left untreated, chronic pain may eventually lead to increased stress levels, heightened anxiety, and depression, and as well as difficulty in accomplishing day-to-day...


The Temporomandibular Joint (TMJ) is a sliding joint that connects the jawbone to the skull. The TMJ is comprised of bones and muscles that make up the jaw along with connective tissues and muscles that surround and protect the jaw. When working well, the TMJ functions to connect the jaw to the skull and also open and close the mouth. However, this indispensable part of the facial anatomy can oftentimes become damaged and cause severe pain...


Beautiful skin does not always come easily. Age, environmental pollutants, sensitivities, genes, and the products we use all play a role in our skin’s condition and appearance. Regular professional facials are a great way to not only rehydrate dry skin, but also unclog pores, treat breakouts, and exfoliate dead skin cells. They can also encourage increased collagen production and new cell turnover for a longer-lasting glow and softer...


Many people struggle with acne and are considering getting on Accutane. While using Accutane as a skin treatment is often an effective way to cure severe cystic acne, it also comes with a host of potentially dangerous side effects. Many people refrain from taking Accutane because of these side effects and are willing to try alternate treatments in hopes of treating acne. Listed below are four facial treatments that are worth considering...


Many of us would like to improve the appearance of our skin. A beautiful complexion rarely goes unnoticed and while it is something to strive for, beautiful and healthy skin can be difficult to get. One of the things that can help improve your skin the most is education. Listed below are 5 skincare tips that will help you understand how your skin works and how to best take care of it.



Millions of people each year make a commitment to lose weight, some are successful others are not. What determines the success of a program? It seems that while there is always an abundance of crash and fad diets, new gym membership excitement, and radical exercise programs; the shiny wears off and failure is imminent. For this reason, many people are beginning to turn toward the medical field for support and guidance during their weight loss...


Many people think about getting injectables long before they actually do. Whether it’s a fear of needles, side effects, or looking too “different,” they wait around, unhappy with their appearance, not realizing that aesthetic practitioners are eager and available for a consultation appointment to answer any and all questions regarding these safe cosmetic procedures. Here are some of the most commons we get.



If you’re experiencing acne-type bumps around your mouth, chin, and nose area where you’ve never had a problem before, you’re not alone. In fact, there’s a name for it: Maskne. This Covid complexion casualty comes from wearing a face covering for extended periods of time, and while masking up may be necessary while the virus rages, it’s hard to mask our frustration with the cosmetic consequences.

Maskne is actually not a new term at...


While massage has long been recognized as a great way to pamper yourself after a tough work week or when spending luxury time alone or with friends, many now embrace it as an essential part of an ongoing wellness routine. That’s because massage therapy not only feels amazing, it offers many therapeutic benefits that last long after you leave the table.

Stress Relief

The hands-on muscle...


Did you know that some 50 million American adults struggle with some form of chronic pain? If you’re one of them, you should know that regular massage therapy sessions can help you manage many kinds of chronic pain without the need for drugs or surgery. Let’s look at how this form of manual healing can enhance your quality of life.

Nagging injuries may leave you with chronic pain issues. In some cases, acute injuries heal incorrectly,...


Many of us would like to get rid of troublesome areas of fat accumulation that just don’t seem to respond to traditional strategies such as diet and exercise. If you have this annoying problem, you may be delighted to learn that Kalologie 360 Spa in Austin offers two surgery-free alternatives, Emsculpt and CoolSculpting. But what’s the difference between these two approaches, and which one should you choose? Here’s a quick comparison to clear...


If you’ve lived in Austin for any length of time, you’ve gotten to know the sun all too well. The same glowing ball that permits warm, bright, cheerful outdoor fun can also cause some serious skin problems, from premature aging and painful sunburns, to deadly cancer. So you probably wouldn’t think of heading off to the beach or going for a jog without first applying sunscreen. Unfortunately, you can’t grab just any product from the...


When you buy a skin care product at the supermarket or corner drug store, are you really getting what you want and need? These products can vary widely, both in their active ingredients and in the concentrations and effectiveness of those active ingredients. Let’s examine some of the differences that you need to understand in your quest for better skin.

Cheap, generic skin care products tend to offer little more than a nice scent, a...


Wonderful though modern smart phones are, they certainly have their drawbacks as well. Aside from promoting time-wasting and distraction, the biggest issue is probably ergonomic. Today, it's common for a person to spends hours each day using their cell phone. Typically, these folks crane their necks forward over their phone during these hours.

This posture leads directly to the condition commonly called 'text neck.' It's natural for the...


Excellent skin does not come easy! While facials and cosmetic products add good value in slowing down the aging process, your diet plays a big role, too. It is important to continue maintaining a diet that fits your overall skin care goals. With these reasons in mind, here are ways to adjust your diet to help it promote healthy skin.

Choose Healthy Nuts, Seeds, and Avocado Snacks

Some of the healthiest fats are...